Solo Releases

unidentified musical subject, CD/Vinyl/Digital, moozak, 2010
A completely random order never yields meaning (acronym), online release, AudioTong, 2007 (unavailable)
_gestalt, CD, allquiet, 2005 (out of print)
Fragmented Memory, DVD-R, allquiet, 2004 (out of print)
Trans/Mute, CD, allquiet, 2002
Theory Music, CD, allquiet/Kunstradio, 2000

Collaborative Releases

Opcion – MONOS/UИD, Vinyl, GodRec, 2015
Bruckner aka Didi Bruckmayr & Bernhard Loibner,
Happy End, Vinyl/Digital, moozak, 2015
Nerve Theory – H5N1, CD-R, voicespondance, 2007
Nerve Theory – Planetary Disorder, DVD-R, allquiet, 2003
(out of print)
Loibner/Woelfl, Kaufkraft, CD-R, allquiet, 2001 (out of print)
Loibner/Woelfl, Hörsturz, CD, allquiet, 1996
All Quiet On The Western Front, Vinyl/CD, Groove, 1990


Simultan03 – Simultan Festival Video Compilation, DVD, 2007
En Red O, LocAlgSon, CD-Rom compilation, 2003
SchwittCD, CD, Kunstradio, 2002
Meet the Radio Artists on Sound Off – Beams, CD-R, Sneh, 2000
Trans/Row” on Oars With Ears, CD, Kunstradio/Respekt, 1997
Tom Sherman, Personal Human, CD,
Ars Electronica/Kunstradio, 1997
Jingles on “Zeitgleich”, CD/CDRom, Exhibition Catalogue, Kunstradio, 1994
Distance/Immersion on Sampling, Symposium Catalogue/CD, 1994