New Vinyl Release: knuRRhahn

The duo knuRRhahn formed by flautist Reni Weichselbaum and Bernhard Loibner is proud to release their first vinyl release. The self-titled record released by the Vienna-based Moozak label includes 6 tracks plus one bonus track on the digital version.

knuRRhahn explore the sonic territories set by Weischselbaum’s (mostly) Paetzhold recorders and Loibner’s electronic instruments which have taken a distinct direction towards the modular world in recent years. The music on this record fills the vast acoustic space in between these two instrumental poles.

All tracks on the record have been recorded originally as improvisations with some of these original recordings receiving further treatments and overdubs to develop it into compelling pieces of sonic art. The six pieces of this release reveal an intrinsic connection between two musicians who are fully aware of the sonic possibilities of their respective instruments. The pieces move from sonic landscaping towards rhythmical encounters and further into drone and noisy territories.

The vinyl album has been released as a limited edition of only 100 copies with a beautiful graphic layout by C.Hausch. The yellow-green vinyl comes with a hand-printed silkscreen cover so each and every copy is a unique sample of what appears as a compelling suite of sonic art and graphical mastery.

The vinyl album as well as the digital version is available via Moozak’s bandcamp page.

This release has been supported by SKE Found of Austria.