New Digital Release: Electropoeisis

A selection of electronic/electro-acoustic pieces exclusively released on Bandcamp on July 1, 2021.

The title Electropoiesis refers to the concept of poiesis, which describes an assigned action (producing) in the philosophy of Aristoteles. In hermeneutics it means creating a reality in the dispute with an object. The title is an allusion to the concept of autopoiesis, which is used in systems theory as an organizational feature of systems reproducing itself (self-referential). The sociologist Niklas Luhmann applied the concept of autopoiesis to society as a whole and on various social subsystems, including the arts. The function of art is described as the world to offer a possibility to observe itself. Pieces of art therefore are an autopoietic network of reproduction i.e. recursive connections to other works of art and within communication on art.

22.1.2 from Electropoeisis, Real-Time Visualisation created with Processing

All pieces were created in 2017 and 2018 and are based on spontaneously improvised recording sessions in the studio. The identical, limited instrumentation made up of digital and analog electronics is used for all tracks on the album. For this reason, all compositions on Electropoiesis share a similar dimension of timbre, rhythmic and harmonic dynamics.

You can get the full release here >>>