Two new audio-visual pieces by Knurrhahn

On November 20, 2020 two new pieces of Knurrhahn, my inprovised music duo with Reni Weichselbaum, were premiered at an online screening of DerBlödeDritteMittwoch #102.

As so many things right now, the creation of these two pieces is a response to the pandemic which is looming in its second wave across Austria right now. Due to another lockdown no public gatherings are allowed and all concerts and cultural events had to be cancelled. We were asked to contribute to an online program of audio-visual work and within a few days we created these two new pieces.

Cyanea is based on footage of a lion’s mane jellyfish that Reni shot at the Vienna Zoo. The footage was time-stretched and looped to fit the pace of the music. The music for the piece has been recorded a while ago and was remixed on that occassion.

Knurrhahn – Cyanea (2022)

Ne10 is based on footage I shot some years ago in a restroom of a university building in Vienna. It is a blinking neon light which also created a bleeping sound. Altogether it felt like a perfect match for a world that sometimes feels like falling apart. The original bleeping soundtrack was combined with a recording we just recently made and compiled into an audio-visual piece.

Knurrhahn – Ne10 (2022)