The audio-visual piece “Mnemonics”was realized back in 2003 and it is also part of my DVD release Fragmented Memory. The piece received quite some visibility with some 30 screenings on various festivals (e.g. Videoformes which seems to have uploaded it here.

Several short samples of TV-advertising form the visual base material of the piece. This base material is being stretched by visual “granulation” and “looping”, being transformed into layers of abstract textures. This process reveals the inherent structure of the media footage. The stereotypical nature of postures and gestures in these images emerge through this extreme time stretch and rhythmical montage of images.

The music follows the same creative principle of granulation, looping and abstraction of its base material. The sound drives the visuals, forms the sonic and rhythmical base for the piece. Sound and images fold into overlapping layers oscillating between information and noise.

Images and sounds aim to form an inseparable pulsating system…