Bosa 2 (from Fragmented Memory)

“Bosa 2” is part of my DVD Fragmented Memory containing a collection of 8 sound/video pieces. “Bosa 2” is an attempt to transform an electronic sound composition (more or less) directly into the visual domain.

The visual part is composed of three elements (blue/green/red) corresponding to the three building blocks of the sound composition. All visual elements were created and triggered directly by the audio signals of its corresponding sound element.

“Bosa 2” (as well as all other pieces of the “Fragmented Memory” collection) work on multiple perception modes (without passing any test of consistency). They contain continuous links into symbolic, abstract and emotional spaces by constantly interweaving these modes. This poses questions of a hierarchy of perception and sensory information.

“Bosa 2” has been presented at VAD Video and Digital Arts International Festival (Girona, Spain, 2005), Unsound Festival (Krakow, Poland, 2005), Festival Sonoimagenes 2005 (Buenos Aires, Argentinia), 2nd Media Arts Festival Armenia (Yerevan, Armenia, 2005), Sonic Arts Network’s Expo 966 2005 (Hull, UK), Thailand New Media Arts Festival 2005 (Thailand, Bangkog), Konzerthaus and Museumsquartier (Vienna, Austria, 2005), Sonic Art Network’s SoundCircus 2004 (Leicester, UK), Harvestworks (NY, USA, 2004), Syracuse University and Spark Contemporary Art Space (Syracuse, USA, 2004).