Disconnection Machine by Nerve Theory

This is a documentation video of a performance by Nerve Theory aka Bernhard Loibner and Tom Sherman at Elektra Festival 2001 at Usine C in Montreal, Canada. It is a great venue and we had this 3 huge video screens behind us on stage and a nice crowd following our performance.

Note 1: This took place just a few weeks after 9/11 and we came from another performance in Syracuse, NY. The propaganda machine was running at full throttle, Anthrax was right on top of the new, hysteria everywhere in mainstream media, star-spangled banner on every house, definitely the most scary visit to the US so far.

Note 2: On the day of my flight back to Europe a plane crashed in NYC so there was fear of new terrorist attacks (of course not the case). However, the news about the crash was on all screens, even on the airport. I have never watched news about a plane crash while waiting to board since.