knuRRhahn Live @ Art’s Birthday 2022

Knurrhahn (Reni Weichselbaum & Bernhard Loibner) were invited to contribute a birthday present for this year’s 1.000.059th birthday of art. 17th of January was named as the official birthday of art by french fluxus artist Robert Filliou 59 years ago and is celebrated every year by a network of events all over the world.

Hosted on the Austrian Public Radio’s weekly program of Kunstradio-Radiokunst we unpacked our present live on air and streamed across the European radio network of EBU.

It was a 20 minute live show titled 1.000.006 due to the fact that Knurrhahn are now in it’s 6th year of fruitful collaboration.

This is an unedited live recording. Enjoy!