Vondelbunker, Amsterdam

On September 26, 2014 a new project gave its very first public performance as part of an exhibtion and artistic exchange called wearenotsisi – Fresh and Clean Art from Austria in the Netherlands. And Back. at Vondelbunker in Amsterdam (Netherlands). The trio consisting of Barbara Haider (recorders, gemshorn), Friedrich Neubarth (recorders, krummhorn, gemshorn) and myself on live electronics explores a vast acoustic field crossing several centuries of musical history.

Starting off from musical structures by renaissance and baroque composers like Orlando de Lassus or Matthew Locke we recharged these structures with abstract electronic treatments & sounds resulting in a surprisingly consistent mix. On a first view it may seem as a contradiction to cross over from renaissance and baroque music into abstract electronic sonic textures, but in my mind it isn’t at all. Both musical worlds are of highly affective nature, leading the listener into his inner self, roaming through an emotional landscape.

The trio does not only cross borders of musical history, it also crosses over from composed music into improvisation. Almost all of the pieces in the concert started off from composed structures introduced by the two instrumentalists, gradually being guided away by the the intervention of live-electronic treatments. This resolves into free form sonic structures, a certain kind of “fantasia”, synthesizing the counterpointing sounds of wood wind instruments and electronic noises into a whole new soundscape.