Bruckmay and Loibner live on stage at Club Moozak
Photo: Markus Gradwohl

Bruckner Live at Club Moozak #64

Bruckner aka Didi Bruckmayr and myself performed another version of our collaborative improv duet at Club Moozak #64 at Fluc in Vienna on June 26th, 2013.

In this collaborative effort we continue to explore some of the more radical edges of the musical spectrum. This time it was a wild and bumpy ride across a musical landscape populated by Didi’s roaring voice, processed vocals, rough and noisy rythmical structures and pulsating sub basses which developed into dense sonic textures. We deeply enjoyed the ride and, as it seems, the audience did too!

Here is some short video footage (thanks Andreas Zhukovsky) and a bunch of great b/w pictures by Markus Gradwohl which does give a good idea of the dense atmosphere of a great evening.

to be continued…