Once Upon Time video trailer

Watch this trailer for “Once Upon Time”, a dance performance conzeptualized and chereographed by by Janyce Michellod for which I created the live sound track. “Once Upon Time” is a 60 minutes piece exploring, testing and challenging the range of possible interaction(s) and dialogue(s) between 4 different mediums: dance, music, visual art and light.

Choreographic structures by Janyce Michellod. Music by Bernhard Loibner. Lighting by Raphaël Vincent. Performed by Janyce Michellod, Laura Dannequin, Stefan Baier, Bruno Michellod, Bernhard Loibner and Raphaël Vincent.

The piece was premiered and recorded in Les Halles, Sierre, Switzerland, in February 2011.


R349-178 is a dance performance created and directed by Janyce Michellod.

The 45-50min. piece explores the philosophical and ethical concept of “responsibility”. The idea behind the piece was to attempt an approach on verification or counter prove the possibility of multicultural understanding and the demand for living on this planet together or saving the world as one people. questions like “how do we interact with each other” and “which personal and national concepts lie behind our understandings and interactions” were treated in an improvisational setting in which each performer was working along a line of argument according to which he or she would encounter others.

R349-178 was performed by Janyce Michellod, Stefan Baier (dance) and Bruno Michellod (visual art), Bernhard Loibner (music) and was premiered and recorded in Semper Kleine Szene, Dresden (Germany) in June 2009.