Nice review of Unidentified Musical Subject


Right. If I played a member of The Distractions this next record they’d probably kick me in the balls and walk away in disgust spitting “deviant slag” under their breath. To you or I, however, Bernhard Loibner is one of those highly engaging industrial electronic experimentalists. He uses electro-acoustic methods & influences from the outer reaches of Krautrock to enable his sometime alarming & often absorbing sounds to infiltrate you to the very core. He’s got the husky maiden Melita Jurisic whispering at me seductively in Latin on the second track. She better watch it, she’ll get me in bed if she’s not careful the horny minx. Even the music is sexy, like if Nurse With Wound wore a see-through negligee. This Austrian conjures up some amazing feelings with these remarkable soundscapes & slabs of sinister sound-art. Somehow desolate, yet teeming with vibrant ideas, there seems to be this strangely hypnotic essence to his exotic, abstract outpourings and the sheer quality of the production means all the sounds & instrumentation sound really in yer face. A properly interesting album, there’s only 100 of this bugger (on vinyl) & it’s on slate grey wax. I’d be quick if I were you, this is quality gear.

Norman Records