New tracks: Sinusitis, Lopside, Summertime

My continued efforts towards a release of my collaboration with singer and voice performer Didi Bruckmayr have led to a few new tracks.

The procedures for all tracks have been similar. The basic instrumental tracks have been recorded live from my Max/Msp performance patch to multiple tracks on my hard drive, various overdubs were recorded afterwards into the DAW (thanks to old friend Karl Maier who contributed a very nice bass clarinet for “Sinusitis”). Didi sent me his voice recordings which were ocassionally processed edited into the instrumental tracks and finally all these ingredients were mixed into the current version of these pieces. Of course this are neither final mixes nor mastered versions, but things for a release under way…

An older track titled “summertime” also got some rework: re-editing of the voice and effects section and improved mixing. The single tracks were then summed up through an analogue console with analogue EQing and compression of the resulting stereo signal (thanks to Johann Mauerer!).