Nerve Theory live at Wiener Konzerthaus 2005 (Photo: Michael Rosenkranz)

Abstract electronic music and video have the potential for a very expressive combination and it has been a field of interest for me since the late 1990s. It was then when I started to work on live performances with my friend Tom Sherman under the moniker of Nerve Theory. We developed a type of live performance combining sound, video and spoken word we called “Vidsonics”.

This experience has opened up the medium of video for me and in the early 2000s I started to explore this field myself. I created a series of audio-visual pieces and in 2004 released a DVD titled Fragmented Memory containing some of the results of this research. The video pieces consist of computer generated images as well as various processed fragments of images from TV, advertising etc.

One of the questions involved with audio-visual work is synchronization between audio and visual elements. I do believe that the gratification of obvious sound / image synchronicity is overrated and utterly boring. Instead I do prefer a common pulse and flow of sound & images that leaves space for the observer’s very own association and ideas.

During the covid lockdown in Austria in 2020 no concerts and public events where allowed. To compensate for cancelled concerts of my duo Knurrhahn, Reni and I created 2 audio-visual pieces, which where shown in the online streaming events that where organized during the lockdown.

As part of my 2021 online release electropoeisis I realized two audio-visual pieces. Both are composed of computer generated images, triggered by the audio track and captured in real-time.